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A High Definition H.26 Video Recorder for
Quick Installation Guide
©2011 Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc. QI-Colossus_v1.1_ENG March 8, 2011
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Included with Colossus:
Colossus H.264 high definition video recorder, PCI Express
Component video cable set, 1 meter
A/V adapter cables, two sets
Hauppauge remote control for use with the WinTV v7 application
IR Blaster transmitter cable to control the channel changing on your cable TV or satellite set top
Colossus installation CD, with drivers for Windows plus WinTV v7 and Arcsof t ShowBiz
The Hauppauge Colossus records video from a video game console or cable TV or satellite set top box.
The recordings are made onto a computer’s hard disk in a compressed H.264 format. Colossus uses
Component video (also called YPrPb), HDMI or composite video, and will record at resolutions from
standard definition (480i) up to high definition (1080i), at datarates from 1Mbit/sec up to 20Mbits/sec.
ote: if you are connecting Colossus to a video game console such as an XBox360 or
PS3, make sure the Component video output of the game console is set to 1080i.
Please see the Hauppauge Colossus support page for instructions on connecting the
Xbox360 or PS3 to Colossus:
Video is supplied to Colossus through Component or HDMI at up to 1080i, or composite video.
Please note: HDMI from a cable TV or satellite set top box, plus the Playstation3, is protected with HDCP
and cannot be recorded with Colossus. For these sources, you will need to use Component video.
Audio can be supplied to the Colossus from a set of stereo audio cables or via an optical SPDIF digital
audio input. The optical audio input to the Colossus can be in either a 2 channel stereo audio format or a 2
or 5.1 channel AC-3 format.
The recording format used by Colossus is H.264 video with digital audio. Colossus recordings can be
played back to the PC screen or can be converted “on the fly” to a Blu-ray format AVCHD file for burning
onto a DVD disk.
In WinTV v7, all recordings are made in a .TS file for format using H.264.
In Arcsoft ShowBiz, there are three types of record formats which can be selected:
.TS: the native H.264 format with 2 or 5.1 channel audio. You create this format when you click AVCHD
in Arcsoft Capture.
.M2TS: this is an H.264 format with either 2 or 5.1 channel audio which can be played on a Sony
Playstation3. You create this format when you click on Playstation3 in Arcsoft Capture.
.MP4: this is an H.264 format with two channel audio only which can be played on an XBox360. You
create this format when you click on XBox 360 in Arcsoft Capture.
Colossus comes bundled with the Hauppauge WinTV v7 application and Arcsoft’s ShowBiz application.
WinTV v7 is used to record video from a cable TV or satellite set top box. ShowBiz is used to record video,
play back the recorded videos to your PC screen, plus can burn your video recordings into a AVCHD
format using conventional DVD disks for playback on a Blu-ray DVD player.
Installing ColossusStep 1. Install the Colossus board in your PC
Turn the power off on your PC. Install Colossus into a PCI Express X1 slot. Turn the power on to your PC.
Step 2: Connect the Colossus cables.Component video input (YCrCb or YPrPb)
Plug the A/V adapter cable into A/V input on the back of Colossus. Then connect the Component video
cable from your game console or cable TV or satellite set top box into the A/V cable set.
HDMI video input
You can connect the HDMI output of some game consoles to Colossus, The HDMI video source needs to
be un-encrypted. If you try to view or record encrypted video sources, you will get a black screen.
Component Video Output (pass through video)
If you are using Component video input, you can preview your video recordings on a TV set.
- Plug the A/V adapter cable into the A/V output (pass through)
- Connect the component video output from the Colossus to the Component video input on your TV set.
There is no delay in the Component video pass through, so you can watch game play in real time.
ote: To enable Component video pass through, your PC needs to be powered on.Connecting to a cable TV or satellite set top box
There are two ways to connect to the Colossus from your cable TV or satellite TV set top box:
a.) you can connect the Component video (YCrCb or YPrPb) output from your set top box to the
A/V adapter cable located on the rear of the Colossus. The Component video colors are normally
Note: Component video is limited to the 1080i. You may need to set the Video Output of your cable
TV or satellite box to 1080i.
b.) you can connect the Composite video output of your set top box (normally the yellow RCA con-
nector on a set top box) to the Blue connector on the A/V cable set.
Audio connections
Audio from your game console or set top box is connected either to the Optical audio input connector
or to the RCA audio input on the A/V cable set.
Step 3: Install the Colossus Windows driver and applications
Turn on your PC, and boot into Windows.
If a 'Found New Hardware' wizard appears, please cancel it. Allow windows to load before proceeding.
Insert the WinTV Installation CD-ROM in your PC’s CD-ROM drive.
ote: if the CD does not autorun, navigate to the CD and run the 'Setup.exe' file.
Hauppauge WinTV Installation CD-ROM” window will appear on the screen.
Install the Colossus driver
Click the button labeled Step 1: Install Drivers.
A blue screen will open and begin installing the drivers for your WinTV. Once the drivers have installed, click
on the Finish bar to exit.
Install the Colossus applications
Click the button labeled Step 2: Install software
Choose a language, and click Next, click Install.
The WinTV v7 application, Arcsoft ShowBiz software application, and IR Blaster application will be installed.
Once comp lete, click OK then Exit.
ote: the latest driver updates are available at: www.hauppauge.com in theSupport section.Step 4: Install the IR Blaster cable(optional - for use with a cable TV or satellite receiver box)Plug in the IR Blaster transmitter cable
Plug the jack at the end of the IR Blaster cable into the IR receiver jack on the Colossus.
Install the IR transmitter (blaster) at your set top box
Attach the end of the IR transmitter over the remote sensor on the set top box to be controlled. Placement
of the IR transmitter is important! The IR transmitter only works over a 1 inch distance, so you need to
make sure it is placed over the remote sensor in your set top box. Some set top boxes have the position of
the remote receiver indicated on the plastic front of the set top box. With others, you might need to look
carefully at the set top box for what looks like a round or square area underneath the plastic front panel.
There is double sided tape on the back of the IR transmitter to hold it in place over the remote sensor in
your set top box.
You will configure the IR Blaster for your set top box in the section entitled Configuring the IR Blaster.
Running WinTV v7 for the first time
To run the WinTV v7 application for watching and recording videos and playing
them back on your PC, double click on the WinTV icon on your Windows desk top. When
you run WinTV for the first time, the WinTV Device Setup Wizard appears.
Audio/video source setup
Video and audio is brought into the WinTV v7 application from an external audio/video source such as a
game console or cable TV or satellite set top box.
In the Device Setup Wizard, select “Analog TV via a Set top box” and click Next.
In WinTV Colossus STB Setup, select the Country,
Video Input source and Audio Input source.
If you are recording from a game console, select
External inputs and click Next.
If you are recording from a cable TV or satellite
set top box, chose either Manual Entry or Internet
Lookup. Internet looking is only available in the U.S.
Then click Next.
If you are recording from a game console, in the
External Input Setup select the video and audio
input port you are using and click Next.
If you are recording from a cable or satellite set
top box, add the TV channels you would like to have
the IR blaster tune to. For each channel, add the
channel number, give it a description, and click Add.
When you are finished with your channels, click Next.
You can add or modify channels at any time by click-
ing the Settings button and clicking the Devices tab
and then clicking Tuner setup. You will see the STB
Setup menu again.
Using the WinTV v7 appli-cation
Click the Watch TV button to see video.
Options menu
The Options menu is the main menu where you can
select channels, open the TV Scheduler and many
other of the most important TV control functions.
To display the Options Menu, click your right
mouse button once in the video window.
To see the channel list, click on Find channel.
You will see the list of channels which have been

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