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eGo-CC User Manual

Notice for Use
Thank for choosing Joyetech products! Please read this manual carefully before use to
ensure that your usage is correct. If you require additional information or have questions
about the product or its use, please consult your local Joyetech agent, or visit our website at
How to Use
1. Thread the battery and atomizer together. Do not over tighten.
2. Unlock the battery (eGo battery does not have this function). Since the eGo series
batteries are locked when shipped to customers, you need to press the button 5 times
quickly to unlock it.
3. Inhale the mouthpiece while pressing the button on the battery and enjoy the vapor.
How to Charge
Standard battery: Screw the threaded side of the battery to the USB charger and then
connect the USB port to the wall adapter or the computer. The LED on the USB charger is
red while charging and will turn green when charge is complete.
USB battery: Connect the small side of the USB cable to the corresponding port of the
battery, and the USB port to the wall adapter or the computer.
Standard Configuration
2× eGo-CC Mouthpiece
2× eGo-CC Atomizer Head
1× eGo-CC Body
1× eGo Series Battery
1× USB Cable Charger
Wall Adapter
Standard Configuration (eGo-CC Clearomizer Part)
1× Mouthpiece
1× Clearomizer Tube
1× Clearomizer Base
Atomizer Head Cap
1× Atomizer Head
Product Introduction
To some extent, eGo-CC is an updated eGo-C, which has a clearomizer, lasting the
characteristic of simple but delicate. The transparent window is the highlight of eGo-CC, from
where, the liquid volume is very clear, so that you can refill the liquid in time. And the upper
air inlet allows the air inflow from upside and out from upside as well, reducing the risk of
leakage at the bottom. The atomizer head of eGo-CC is also changeable, just as the classic
eGo-C product. It can compatible with all the batteries of eGo series.
Clearomizer Base Atomizer Head Atomizer Head Cap Clearomizer Tube Mouthpiece
Wall Adapter
eGo Series Battery USB Cable Charger
Wall Adapter
eGo Series Battery USB Cable

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