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Electronically Controlled Time-lapse Slider


Remote controller front side
Remote controller back side
(1) Boot interface
1) Search and Connect the Device:
Turn on the power switch on remote control, power on the slider.
Select “Search and connect device” on the remote control.
2) Buzzer SET:
Turn on or o audio buzzer (use +/- button to turn ON or OFF).
(2) Function edit interface
1) Camera parameter setting options on remote control:
This option is mainly used to set up the focus time, exposure time
and the maximum number of shots for timelapse shooting.
2) Motor parameter setting options
3) Time-lapse mode setting interface
Set up the motor speed and movement direction.
This mode includes Time Lapse Mode1 and Time Lapse Mode2.
Time Lapse Mode1 Setting interface
Spacing Distance: sets the interval running distance
Interval Time: sets the interval time between each shots
Run Distance: sets the total running distance
Shot: sets the total number of shots.
Time Lapse Mode2 setting interface
Interval: sets the time between each shooting
Rec Time: sets the total time for the complete shooting
Current Time: shows the current time of running
Shot: calculate the number of shots in the system
4) Live Motion Mode
Live Motion mode: includes Manual Mode and Auto mode
Manual Mode: for manual operation
Auto mode: for automatic movement
Manual Mode setting interface
Joystick leftMove left: sliding plate moves to the left
Joystick leftMove right: sliding plate moves to the right
Auto Mode setting interface
Joystick CenterStart/Stop:
starts or stops running when you press the joystick
(When restart, the running direction for sliding plate is the same as
previous time, also the sliding plate will continue the back and forth
movement until it reaches the next instruction.)
1. Install electronic slider SK-MTS100
1) Connect the motor cable port 9 and the main controller port 11 by using
motor cable 10 .
Connect the power supply cable to the power supply port 13 of main
controller to power up SK-MTS100, check and ensure the cooling fan on
main controller is working.
Turn on the power switch of remote controller and confirm the power
indicator works well and the display screen shows connection interface.
1. SK-MTS100 can be used standalone as shown in below firgure.
Put SK-MTS100 on the flat surface/ground, adjust the height of the the feet,
then lock the feet tightly, mount camera and tripod on to sliding plate, set up
the motor, power, remote control and camera, it is ready to shoot now.
SK-MTS100 can also be used on slope or be used vertically, but make sure
the slider and camera are secured before shoooting.
2. SK-MTS100 can be used with tripods
Mount SK-MTS100 on to tripods via the 1/4” or 3/8” screw holes on the rail.
You can adjust tripod heights according to your requirements, or you can adjust
the height of one tripod to make a slope.
No matter using SK-MTS100 standalone or with tripods, make sure the slider
and your camera are secured. After shooting, remember to remove your camera
from the slider, and cut of the power of SK-MTS100.
SK-MTS100 be used standalone
SK-MTS100 be used with tripods
1. Please refer to the Manual before using SK-MTS100 electric rail.
2. Do not use SK-MTS100 in the rail or under water.
3. Do not use with damaged wire.
4. Please pay attention to the direction of the port when connecting the
5. Please read the operating procedures for SK-MTS100 before using it.
6. It is better to adopt a low speed when using time lapse modes.
7. The maximum working distance for remote control is 10 meter,
please don’t exceed the scope while using the remote control.
1. Please keep SK-MTS100 clean and dry after using it in rainy and humid
2. Store SK-MTS100 in a cool and dry place.
3. Please avoid strong pressure on the rail for a long time when storing.
4. To avoid aecting the performance due to excessive dust on the surface,
please remove the dust after long time storage.
5. Please add a little oil to the wheel if unused for a long period.
6. Try to avoid collision during transport.
Sliding plate control cable
External antenna
Electrical motor cable
Camera cable
Tripod head
Sliding plate
remote control
Thank you for choosing the SK-MTS100 from SEVENOAK.
In order to ensure you have a good experience, please read through the
detailed instruction manual below. If you want to find more SEVENOAK products,
want to learn more about us, or have additional questions, please visit our
ocial website:

Product Overview

SK-MTS100 is a motorized slider designed for creating dynamic video and time
lapse photography sequences with fluid and precise motorized slides. It works
with most DSLR, mirrorless and digital cinema cameras with the included shutter
release cables.
SK-MTS100 comes with a remote controller which is connected with the
motorized slider via 2.4GHz.
SK-MTS100 supports time lapse shooting, motion control and stop motion shots,
and all three functions are programmable on the controller or the Application,
users can set the motor speed, total number of shoot, interval time etc.


Components – figure 1


Remote Controller Description

17. 2.4GHz antenna
18. Power Indicator
19. 2.4GHz Indicator
20. Control joystick
21. Confirm button
22. Return button
23. Down button
24. Up button
25. “-”button
26. “+” button
27. Power switch
28. Battery conpartment
29. Battery conpartment
cover screws

Functions on remote control


How to use

How to debug the electric rail SK-MTS100

Mount the camera equipped with quick-release plate onto sliding plate.
Connect the rail sliding palte with camera by using camera cable. Turn on
the camera and adjust it to automatic mode. Choose “Time Lapse Time2"
mode on the remote control, press “Interval" using the up-down
button and see the words flashing. Adjust to left and right using the
joystick. Set an appropriate value and press “ok". Press “Rec Time"
using the up-down button and see the words flashing. Adjust to the left
and right using the joystick. Set an appropriate value. Exit and press “Start"
to check whether the camera take photos according to the values you set.

Using SK-MTS100 standalone and with tripods



Pull outward
1 2 3 4 5 6 8
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
7 9
17 18
1&2. Adjustable Feet: height adjustable and foldable
3. Rail body: eective working length 80cm
4. Scale sticker: allows for easy measurement of camera movement for
presice shooting
5. Camera control port: connects and controls camera via provided camera cable
6. Sliding plate: for mounting cameras and other accessories
7. Sliding plate control cable connecting port:
connects sliding plate control cable and main controller
(To be continued in next page)
Step 1:
Move the motor box and main controller close to AB screw holes
as shown in below figure.
Step 2:
Use two M5*16 screws to lock on A screw holes, and use four M5*10
screws to lock on B screw holes, do not tighten the screws, make
sure the motor box and main controller can move to the left and right.
Step 3:
Adjust the postion of motor box and main controller, make sure the
short belt can install properly on the gears as shown in below figure.
Step 4:
Pull the motor box and main controller part outward till the belt is
tightenend, meanwhile lock the M5*10 and M5*16 screws.
Figure 2
Adjustable feet
1. Product Specifications
Size: 126**26*19cm
Eective working length: 80cm
Net weight: approx 5.4KG
2. Operation conditions:
Power supply voltage: 12V
Power supply current: above 2A
Operating temperature: -20°~ 60°
Relative humidity: <60%
Storage temperature: -20°~ 40°
Relative humidity: <40%
3. Rated load capacity
Horizontal max load capacity: 10KG
Vertical max load capacity: 4KG
Press "Motor Set" and adjust to a proper speed. Then enter the "Time
Lapse Mode" menu and choose "Time Lapse Mode1", press "Spacing
Distance" using the up-down button and see the words flashing. Adjust
to the left and right using the joystick. Set an appropriate value. (The value
represents the interval distance). Switch to "Interval Time" via up-down
buttom, press "ok". Using the up-down button and see the words flashing.
Adjust to the left and right on the joystick. Set an appropriate value.
(The value represents the total moving distance ). Then press the control
stick to reset the values. Press "start" to operate the rail and check if it
operates according to the values you set.
8. Sliding plate control cable: connects the sliding plate and main controller
9. Electrical motor cable connecting port: connects motor cable and motor box
10. Electrial motor cable: connects motor box and main controller
11. Motor cable connecting port: connects motor cable and main controller
12. Sliding plate control cable connecting port:
connects sliding plate control cable and sliding plate
13. 12V power supply port: connects12V input cable
14. External antenna: signal transceiver port for wireless controller
15. Main controller: connects and powers up the sliding plate
16. Electrical motor box: powers up slider and main controller
2) Connect the port 7 on sliding plate and the port 12 on main controller
by using connect cable 8 .
3) Set the SK-MTS100 rail to the appropriate height by adjusting the feet,
or you can mount it on tripod(s) via the 3/8”or 1/4” screw holes on the rail.
4) Mount a tripod head (not included) on to the sliding plat via the 3/8“ or 1/4”
screw on the sliding plate.
5) Remove the quick-release plate from tripod head, and lock the camera on
to quick-release plate, then lock the quick release plate on to tripod head.
6) Connect the camera with SK-MTS100 by using the correct camera cable
via port 5 on the sliding plate.
7) Attach the 2.4GHz antenna to the antenna base of the main controller
and remote control.
8) Connect the 12V power supply cable to port 13 for power supply. 12V
DC power or power pack which has 12V output are both compatible.
(Note: Sevenoak do not supply any battery or power pack for this item.)
When the blue 2.4GHz indicator l ights up and the display screen shows
operation interface, the remote controller succeeded to connect with
Select "Motor Set" using the up-down buttons, press "ok" to enter "Motor
Set"menu, press "ok" and choose SPEED, press "+/-" to adjust speed (the
larger the value, the faster the speed) to fastest and then exit "Motor Set"
menu. Select "Live Motion Mode", press "ok" to enter the menu, choose
"Manual Mode" and enter the menu. Move the joystick to check if the
sliding plate moves well or not.
Repeat above-mentioned step and adjust to the slowest, and check
whether the operation status is obviously dierent from previous one.
If it is, the machine operates normally.
2017 Sevenoak inc.Visit us on the
web at

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